Plano Campus

Plano Campus

The Plano Campus offers programs and activities as unique as its student population. Home to thriving visual and performing arts and athletics programs, as well as the only official Collin College campus housing in the district, the Plano Campus is an exceptional place to start your academic career.

Explore your interests with academic and career-focused programs in a welcoming atmosphere of engaged and award-winning faculty, fun student organizations, and exciting activities you won’t find at any other campus in the district. The Plano Campus has something for every student.

Come explore some of our featured programs!

Fine Arts
Theatre, dance, music, physical media like sculpture, painting, photography, graphic arts, and more, our campus has programs that help you develop your artistic side.

Insurance Management
This program will prepare you for a career field that attracts people with diverse interests, talents, and skills. The insurance industry is stable while providing opportunities for significant growth and versatility.

Learn to be part of a laboratory team dedicated to research with a Biotechnology certificate. Biotechnologists work in research areas, including pharmaceutical research and development, gene therapy, and dozens of other fields.

Medical Assisting Advanced Practice
Discover your path to a versatile and in-demand medical career as medical assistant. Gain hands-on experience working alongside physicians, learning clinical and administrative skills, and exploring topics ranging from pharmacology to medical ethics.

We welcome community members along with the students to experience many activities through out the academic year.

The Art Gallery hosts free exhibitions, and performance spaces include the 350-seat John Anthony Theatre, the Black Box Theatre, and a few smaller performance spaces. Click here for ticketed performances.

Collin College’s basketball and tennis programs also make their homes at the Plano Campus. The campus’s competition basketball gym and the Brinker Tennis Center are located on the northern end of the campus.

The library is aslo open to the public. The building is one of the campus’s most physically striking features. The beautiful 88,000-square-foot domed Thomas Jefferson-inspired building is just off Jupiter Road.


Plano Campus Provost

Mary Barnes-Tilley, Ph.D.

Admissions and Records

Financial Aid